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GROUP INCENTIVE:  Put together a group at least 8 or more guests of similar-skilled friends/players and receive a free trip (does not include airfare).  If you choose to bring a group with a variety of skills, the group should be around 16 players or more, which will earn a second free trip. 



YOUR TOUR is structured by Tony & Celeste Horpel of Pickleball Costa Rica.  Tony is the USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for Costa Rica.  Our club, Pickleball Costa Rica, was the 1st the first established club and courts in the country.  Our courts located just outside of San Ramon in the province of Alajuela.  San Ramon is nestled in the cool Central Highlands of the rural coffee and dairy region.  It is our intent is to spread the sport of pickleball here. 

We organize vacations for picklers. We are pickleball addicts too, and we know how important it is to vacation where pickleball is available.   We live here in Costa Rica, so we know where the few active pickleball spots are, and are very familiar with great places to spend your time. 



  • Choose what you want to see
  • Choose where you want to go
  • Tell us how long you want to be in Costa Rica
  • Don't have any idea where to go?  Let us give you some ideas.
  • We will set up the hotels, the transportation, and the tours.
  • We'll help you find the places to play pickleball & you can rent the equipment for your time here, along with a refundable deposit.                                   



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TRAVEL INSURANCE, (INCLUDING TRIP CANCELLATION) IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  This is not the USA.  Road and weather conditions, as well as earthquakes and volcanoes can close roads for hours if not days in some cases.  If we are stopped or delayed, for any reason, from arriving at our destination, or you have a health problem or are involved in an accident and you have no cancellation or accident insurance, we will not be liable to pay for any expenses to change flights missed, change hotels to another location (as well as having paid for a hotel we cannot get to).  By paying for, and committing to this tour, you are agreeing that this responsibility is yours and that we are in no way expected to provide payment for anything other than our originally scheduled plans and expenses.  You are fully covered for bodily injury by our contracted Costa Rican transportation service.See "Terms and Conditions" under "Tours" tab for additional information.

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